The Pro Musica Girls' Choir was formed in 1986 to fulfil the special wish of "old students" who did not want to leave this group and who wanted to go on singing after leaving the world-famous Cantemus Children's Choir which works at Zoltán Kodály Grade School in Nyíregyháza. As early as in that same year they won the first prize in the girls' choir category and the Grand Prize of the International Bartók Béla Choir Competition held in Debrecen. The Choirmembers are students of several different grammar schools and colleges of the city. It is their love of the community and of singing that brought them back to weekend rehearsals. Their repertoire extends from gregorian chants to contemporary music containing the most beautiful pieces of music history.


Their voices are preserved by records, radio and television-recordings.


First prizes: 

1986. Debrecen (Hungary) First Prize and Grand Prize
1990. Gorizia (Italy)
1991. Tolosa (Spain)
1994. Zoltán Kodály "Singing Youth" International Taped Competition
1995. Arezzo (Italy) Third Prize, First Prize and Grand Prize
1996. Debrecen (Hungary) Europe Grand Prize
1996. Athen (Greece) First Prize (4)


Succesful Performances in

1991. Fano (Italy) International Festival
1992. Sevilla (Spain) Expo '92-as one of Hungary's cultural delegations
1993. Tolosa (Spain) 25th Jubilee Competition
1994. Tokyo, Akita, Fukushima, Niza (Japan) - concert-tour
1995. Oslo (Norway) Bartók Memorial Concert
1996. Amsterdam (Netherlands) ISME
1996. Vaison la Romaine (France) Grand - prized Choirs' Festival


As former members of the Cantemus Children's Choir they were on concert tours in a large number of countries in the world
(Venezuela, Australia, USA, Canada, Japan, South-Korea).


 Szabó DénesDénes Szabó is a music teacher and conductor. He studied music in Szeged, Miskolc and Budapest. He conducted the Cantemus Children's Choir and Pro Musica Girls' Choir succesfully in a number of international choir competitions. He led workshops for music teachers and conductors at ISME conferences (Australia 1988, South-Korea 1992), at the MENC conference (Washington 1990) and at the IKS/OAKE cenference (Hardford USA 1993). His devoted teaching work was acknowledged by several awards, in 1985 he got the Ferenc Liszt Prize in apreciation of his artistic achievements, and in 1993 he - together with his choirs - got the Béla Bartók-Ditta Pásztory Prize.
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