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Napraforgo (Sunflower band) is offering you a complete concert program dealing with the traditional Hungarian folk music. We can also teach and demonstrate Hungarian folk dances and give zither and folk flute courses. We are staying in Wageningen until the end of August. For any further information or for concert request, do not hesitate to contact with us.

Our address:

Sándor Szabó, Department of Aquatic Ecology & Waterquality, Ritzema Bosweg 32A, P. O. box: 8080, 6700DD Wageningen, The Netherlands

Tel: 031 7 482693, 031 7 484673 (work), or 031 7 417910 (home)


We would be very appreciated if you would inform me about the address of any group or organisation interested in our concert program detailed below.

Sincerely yours:


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Concert program of Napraforgo

Review of the five main folk music dialects, folk singing and custom-melodies from the Hungarian language area.

Ágnes Bugán Szabóne (sing, zither and flute),

Sándor Szabó (zither)

Transdanubie (1)

  1. Melodies from Transdanubie (zither).
  2. Folk songs about love from Transdanubie.
  3. Dance music melodies from Transdanubie: dudas, ugros, friss slow and rapid (zither).
  4. Some songs about life turning-points: lullaby (for babies)
  5. bride farewell

    death nightfall songs.

  6. Army songs from the “Kuruc” movement, 18th century (zither).
  7. Festival days: Christmas songs
  8. dance musics for Bethlehem (flute)

    name-day songs.

    Lowland (2)

  9. Dance music melodies from "Szatmar" region: verbunk, csardas, lassu, friss slow and rapid (zither).
  10. North (3)

    8. Amusing songs from “Rimoc” region.

    Transsylvania (4)

  1. Melodies from Szekely-land: keserves and csardas, painful and quick (flute).
  2. Songs from Kukullo region.
  3. Moldva (5)

  4. Dance melodies from Moldva country (zither)
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Curriculum Vitae

Name: Ágnes Bugán Szabóne

Nationality: Hungarian

Born: February 04. 1970, Hungary

Marital status: Married


1995 Graduated folk music teacher

1992 Graduated Music teacher

1988-1992, 1992-1995 student of Gy. Bessenyei College

1988 General Certificate of Education

1976-1988 Elementary and Secondary Grammar School,

Professional Experience:

1995-1999 Teacher in Hungarian folk singing, folk flute and zither (citera) of Music School, Nyiregyhaza, Hungary

1992-1995 Lecturer in music methodology at Gy. Bessenyei College, Nyiregyhaza,

1994. Master of the Hungarian folk art.

1992-1997. Member of the folk choir "Galagonya" ,CD record: entilted "Este a fonoban"

Folk sing collecting and recording from the original (old) folk singers in the Hungarian language area


1998 Pitman Intermediate English Exam

English (excellent), Russian(fair)

Curriculum Vitae

Name: Sándor Szabó

Nationality: Hungarian

Born: May 30. 1966, Hungary

Marital status: Married


1998. Doctoral degree (PhD)

1994-1998 PhD student at L. Kossuth University, Debrecen

1991 Graduated Biologist

1985-1991 L. Kossuth University

1972-1984 Elementary and Secondary Grammar School,

Professional Experience:

1991-1999 Lecturer in plant physiology plant systematics and genetics at Department of Botany Bessenyei College, Nyiregyhaza, Hungary


1990 Intermediate English State Exam

English (excellent), Russian(fair)

Hobby: playing on the folk music instruments: zither (citera).

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